New Writer Tips for Memoir

You want to be a writer. It is best then to have a finished and edited piece of work. For you, perhaps, you’ll write a memoir that inspires people to do the best they can. Following your own lessons and words, you start with a product. You show the product to people who read or read/write and listen closely to what they say. You might ask if you can give the pieced again once you have taken their advice and made changes.
(Make the ones that seem correct and leave the rest.) So far, these readers are your audience. Your best audience and they have no reason to fool you. People like to help and want to give positive feedback so make it easy for them with your best writing and listening ear.

Once you have feedback and a corrected or improved manuscript, ask four other friends or readers to read it. Just keep listening and changing the parts that seem to come up to more than one person. Is your plot unclear and seems to have holes in it. Does the time not make sense with two much time gone by in the middle. (We can talk about that later.) Is the main character (you) predictable and how can you change that. The easiest things to change are punctuation so don’t worry too much about that.

When you have the best product you can have, hire a professional coach to help you clear the way for a great structure and carry through. Once the story and sequencing make sense, you can hire a copy editor to dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

You must have your work edited well if you are going to have a product to self publish or submit to an agent or editor. No shortcuts and why would you want to show what isn’t your best work. So much of writing is chance: who you know or who you meet. If you have a manuscript ready, you can take the chance opportunity and make it work for you.

Next time we’ll talk about a writer’s life and how following a writer’s life enlivens you. It’s the best ever, at least that’s what happened to me. We all chose the focus of our life and what we will place in the mind’s eye. A writing life is a blessing and can teach you all you need to know.

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