Blind Spots/Creative Work

I’ve been thinking of what I have to change in myself.  I am a long-term counselor working with many clients over the years but  I still have my blind spots and know it. I am glad to have this self awareness and not to hate myself  like I might  have done when I was younger. I put my creative projects aside until “real work” is done and that’s no way to live a happy life. There’s something in creative work that can be frightening.

I need to tell myself that creative work is part of “real work” and gives me energy to do the harder things I must do. I would be happier if I  concluded the art project I have been putting aside. I have a gallery now that will take the work. I blame the busyness of life for not doing what I want to do. I need to remember myself and what feeds the “private” me. I think the difficulty in creative work is when I have so many decisions to make within the painting/collage. Making visual art feels risky to me but very exciting too. It’s scarier thinking about it than to be in the process and so I begin .

Do you feel that you have been putting something off  because you blame others or something else? What have you discovered about this? What are your blind spots?

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