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Salt and Paper: 65 Candles

A daily reflection that is immediate and an accumulation of life experience in poetry and prose fragments placing a heartfelt yet realistic light on difficult subjects as the author speaks of aging: a friend’s slow demise with Alzheimer’s; the life-long effect of a brother’s mental illness; the present, lived aging process; the interlacing of four generations—and the creative writing life that responds with compassion, humor, and art.

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Stirring the Waters: Writing to Find Your Spirit

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or you just write an occasional journal entry, Stirring the Waters: Writing to Find Your Spirit (Journey Editions/Charles Tuttle) will enrich your life. With a poet’s insight and deft touch, author Janell Moon leads you along a path that helps you to know yourself and thrive spirituality. She provides nine weeks of exercises that will guide you to answer the essential but sometimes impenetrable questions, “Who am I, and what am I doing here?” As you read and write your way through the exercises, you will discover a clarified vision of yourself, and find the way to the you you were meant to be.

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The Wise Earth Speaks to Your Spirit

The Wise Earth Speaks to Your Spirit (Red Wheel/Weiser) is an award-winning book you won’t put down, maybe for a whole year! Fifty-two essays (one a week) offer you techniques for journaling your way through the earth to the self. Janell Moon unearths mountains, fractals, birds, night, seeds, apples, and salt as journaling topics. She also suggests field-trips you can take to your own backyard as well as questions at each chapter’s close. She asks, “When have you felt like the tiny acorn protected by the giant oak? When have you done that for another? Full of provocative metaphor and eloquent language, Janell Moon roots us in the earth from which we rose.

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The Prayer Box: Create, Write, and Live Your Prayers

This special designed box and book, The Prayer Box: Create, Write, and Live Your Prayers (Red Wheel/Weiser), holds the heart of your written morning prayer as you go about your daily life. When you return at night, the accompanying kit book leads you even further through rituals to take into your dreams.

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How to Pray Without Being Religious

How to Pray Without Being Religious (ThorsonsElement, imprint of Harper Collins) has the following statement from author:

In her 1862 novel The Pearl of Orr’s Island, Harriet Beecher Stowe writes, “Prayer is a long rope with a strong hold.” Today, as more and more of us are moving away from traditional churches and their teachings and seeking to define our own spirituality, we are fumbling our way toward a new kind of prayer – prayer that connects us to spirit, that lights our path, that reflects our deep desire for a sense of rootedness on this earth. We may no longer feel satisfied with only the prayers we learned in church, but we still feel the strong call to pray. We recognize that prayer is an instinct that isn’t owned by any tradition, and we may want to pray to a more personal God who lives closer to the spirit of all people or to the Goddess about whom we recently read.

In How to Pray Without Being Religious, I give voice to this longing to pray in a new way. I wrote it to help all those who want to connect with their spirit but not necessarily within the walls of a church. Not a collection of prayers, the book invites readers to join in the creation of a new prayer life. ... I include many examples of new prayers, including prayers for emotional and physical healing, prayers for living with the mysteries, morning and evening prayers, and prayers of and to our ancestors.