Blame in Relationships

It is always easy to blame others for our problems.That’s often what hurts us and our relationships the most. When you feel yourself blaming others, why not turn that blaming finger back on yourself and see your part in the concern. All you can do is change yourself. Sometimes by doing that, others may chose to change.

When I stopped treating my grown niece as the young child I knew, she lived up to my expectation of acting as an adult. Even though I was the one safe enough to get mad at, I wanted a deeper relationship. Continue reading “Blame in Relationships” »

Counseling for Change-of-Life Crisis

Some information from a counselor in private practice for 24 years and ideas to solve any concerns.

Confused about self what you want to do? Wondering about partnership or wanting a partnership? Prefer to be alone? Drinking too much? Feel like running away and starting life afresh?  Stage-of life crisis?

This could be a function of aging and wanting more out of your life. Turn this time into positive growth, instead of a resentful, unhappy time. Just to know that this could be a normal process of maturity may be helpful. It’s just a time to re-evaluate and decide what you want to do next. Continue reading “Counseling for Change-of-Life Crisis” »