Writing and Isolation

I wanted to write a short blog tonight about the writer’s life. Whether you’re a writer who writes after a day job, and most every writer has one, or a writer who has the luxury of writing full-time, you can’t write and chat. We write by ourselves at home, in a cafe or at the library, some chosen place to set words down. Some people enjoy the solitude and have friends to see in the after-hours. Others find they can write in isolation just for so long before they need someone with whom to check in. Others find it easiest to write if they have set a goal with another writer and each day report in on how well they are meeting that goal.

I have always enjoyed my solitude but then I’m a bit of an introvert. Lately, I am caught in the feeling of being alone too much. I signed up for a workshop to jump start my creativity again and realized just signing up for the workshop made me set goals in my mind to do several things I had been putting off: submitting to publishers and organizing my files for easier access. Both goals I have a hard time with because I can let them slide and besides, they are not creative. Having started both projects, I find I am uplifted, pleased with myself. Continue reading “Writing and Isolation” »