Writing and the Egrets

Went on a walk in Alameda, CA, about thirty minutes from where I live on the marsh in Emeryville, to see the egrets nesting. Although we have egrets here, I understand there are about twenty places in this San Francisco Bay area that they actually build a nest and lay their eggs. They nest in colonies and the trees they pick and return to year after year are often called colonized trees because many nests are built in one tree or an several close by trees. Continue reading “Writing and the Egrets” »

Alison Bechtel’s New Book Are You My Mother?

Just saw Alison Bechtel at San Francisco’s Booksmith Height Street. (What a neighborhood to remind us of the 60’s and the “flower children” we once were.) It was a crowd of all ages and orientations and the store actually felt warm and inviting with the energy of the crowd coming from folks that wanted connecting. This is what Alison does for us. She helps us connect with her experiences of family and allows us to appreciate the truth in what we have lived, rather than the illusions of our defense. Continue reading “Alison Bechtel’s New Book Are You My Mother?” »

Visaul Art As Poetry

I have talked before about how all the arts feed into an artist’s sensibility. I went to the play RED at the Berkeley Rep which was a two man show of Mark Rothko and his assistant. Rothko had an interest and talents in music, writing, philosopher and was, of course, one of the leading artists of Abstract Expressionist. In his large works of color blocks he wanted to show an absolute, uncompromising purity. His signature works were large single colored rectangles over a hovering ground. Continue reading “Visaul Art As Poetry” »

Blind Spots/Creative Work

I’ve been thinking of what I have to change in myself.  I am a long-term counselor working with many clients over the years but  I still have my blind spots and know it. I am glad to have this self awareness and not to hate myself  like I might  have done when I was younger. I put my creative projects aside until “real work” is done and that’s no way to live a happy life. There’s something in creative work that can be frightening. Continue reading “Blind Spots/Creative Work” »

We Are All Creative

Creativity does not belong to artists and writers and those who are well-known. Creativity belongs to all of us and we actually use creativity to get along in daily life. Some call this “every day creativity.” An good example of this is when you come to a place in the trail in the woods that is muddy. Do you go through the mud or find another way to get around the mud? Or in the car, a detour. We find another way. Continue reading “We Are All Creative” »