Counseling and Memoir Writing

Just a note to mention that the more you know yourself and your “psychology”, the better able you will be to write your memoir in a realistic fashion. To understand your instinct (for survival) and how that plays out in you and what you first feel emotionally after that helps make your crisis and or disaster seem more realistic. You see, even though it is real to you, you are telling us on a flat plane of words and paper. It’s up to your writing to make it seem real. If you can see some from your caretakers point of view and even abusers point of view, you can show some wisdom in the healing process. There is a time and place for everything. Many of us feel compassion before we get angry. Anger and hurt come first in abuse.

Then compassion, if you can find it in yourself. We never have to pretend. We either have it or not. It’s your business. The counselor or therapist is concerned with what, at that time, is true and makes us happiest or heal.

It is obvious how a counselor can help a memoir writer and how you can help yourself. We heal through good attachments to early caregivers, good attachment to therapist, and/or a relationship with a secure, caring partner who, in time, allows us to trust the him/her, the relationship and others.

Memoir or journal writing can be a great way to learn more about yourself because as you write, your feelings and facts come tumbling out. As you think of the plot, you see your situation in a time frame and see how the events play out and what your reactions and transitions were. Little by little your contribution helps heal the events of abuse.

How have you used writing to help heal yourself? How has self knowledge helped you on your way? Which of the way did you find secure attachment or are you still developing a good attachment?

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