Anxiety Reduction

Coaching for Anxiety Reduction
Using Stress Management Methods to Help with Anxiety


4 Sessions to Accelerate Change

Personal Method Designed for Each Client

When change is thrust your way, it’s important to have some tools to help yourself with anxiety and learn how to deal with stress – job transition, job management, relationship loss, and/or family changes.

If you understand that willpower and determination are well-intended but may not be enough – perhaps some unexpected event or your own self-defeating behavior are in your way for healthy change. If so, you may be ready to receive new information and new tools to get yourself on the right track again.

Below are some issues with which I have successfully worked in the 24 years in my office.

  • Anxiety to learning how to deal with stress well
  • Use uncertainty in your favor
  • Face change with anticipation
  • Restless sleep to deep sleep
  • Worry to bright outlook
  • Anxiety habits / nail biting / hair pulling to freedom from compulsion
  • High blood pressure to lowered blood pressure
  • Smoking habit to permanent nonsmoking
  • Emotional eating to healthy lifestyle
  • Negative thinking to habits happy people learn and use
  • Low self-esteem to confidence in face of change
  • Old habits to new tools successful people use



Session l
Symptoms and causes, present day and past reminders

  • Learn underlying causes through proven interview process
  • Use body feedback techniques to release stress
  • Experience deep breathing and other stress management tools

Session II and III
Lessen and release anxiety reaction through proven stress management tools

  • Through stress management techniques, release stress in body
  • Through stress management techniques, release stress held in your thinking patterns

Session IV
Strengthen motivation to continue calm outlook

  • Deepen intentions
  • Deepen motivation
  • Deepen action plan
  • On-going stress management techniques

I have been successful working with doctors’ patients, groups, and private individuals for the past twenty-four years.  Before becoming a consultant, I was a Training Officer for the City and County of San Francisco and taught at San Francisco City College, the College of Marin, The Learning Annex, and the Center for Intuition. I am a published author of ten books. Since opening my consulting and coaching business in San Francisco, I have worked successfully with individuals in both business and nonprofit realms. I do long or short term work.  Please call for a free phone consultation.


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