Counseling Medical Problems Give Meaning to Memoir

In the last few months I have worked using hypnotherapy and counseling to help with the emotional part of pain and illness. We never create illness but there is always an emotional component and this is the component we can lighten or eliminate. There was a student who started to be afraid to fly and needed to do so for her research. Using hypnosis there were two stark memories of losing someone suddenly. Not to plane crashes but instantly. The sorrow and fear had transferred to flying. Rashes started up on her arms as she readied to fly. By linking the events and teaching her to deeply relax on her own after her body had had some experience with me as a facilitator, her body knew how to find relaxation. By the way, the rashes were due to anger, anger at what had happened and how she thought it was unfair to lose her loved ones in this way. Once taught to release her anger in positive ways and steadying herself with self hypnosis using the affirmation “All is well” and sometimes sneaking in “The Pilot doesn’t want to do either.”

After listening to her and helping her with her anger and fear, I started thinking how interesting it is when feelings transfer from trauma to something in the daily life. It would be an interesting creative memoir to read the story of how the imagination (mind) can link events and the imagination (mind) can heal events. The same. What the mind is capable of. What we have in our control. Memoir and life. How to make it in a story. Where to start? In the counselor’s office with problem? Long ago in loss. Anxiety is a difficult concern. No one should live with high levels of anxiety, it’s too life draining and you deserve a better life in the here and now.

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