Ghost Writing or “as told to…”

In ghost writing or “as told to…” you have a story to tell and it may be difficult for you to write it down. Maybe you trust the story but not your own writing. Maybe you don’t have time but want a book out in your name. When you work with a ghost writer or “as told to…” writer, it is up to you of how you want to be helped and whether you want her name on your book.

I’ve worked in various ways and currently am trying to use a new software, Dragon, so the author can tell me her story on the microphone that comes with the software and is put on a Word.doc. the Word.doc, of course, can be sent to Apple or a PC. What the author has said is on the document and the ghost can edit the language, add to it, subtract from it, and/or note where there are flat sections and ask the author to flush out the scene a bit more. The ghost my also explain how to write a scene, establish a physical setting, or write better dialogue. Or, the ghost may write it better herself.

It really is up to the author/story teller. The payment is done in all kinds of ways. I charge by the hour and ask for a deposit. We sign a simple contract that states if the author or ghost is having any troubles with working together after the first chapter has been sent to the author, the contract is voided. This way you don’t go too far into the process and not like your ghost’s writing. It is also a way to relieve yourself from someone difficult. Then the remained of the deposit is returned. All fair in writing and between those who have an investment in books!

Hope this helps you know the various services you can hire. Maybe next time I’ll write about what a writing coach does.

Best in writing.

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