How to Motivate to Write and Keep Writing

This post continues from the one before. I have to say that there are times I have been too busy to write with a child or my day job, family or social plans. Sometimes all my time goes into the business side of queries, proposals, agents, editor like the last book that was published, Stirring the Waters. We spent months on the unusual editing. It had to be read aloud to hear the music and if the beat was correct. In the no writing times, I consider it a break from the essential part that I love in order to balance my life with other things that call.

I wanted to be a woman writer who had a balanced life. Not to let writing be so important that it would drive me mad. I wanted to be sure my ego was out of the way. I also thought a woman deserved help and support from her community and would ask for support when I needed it: ¬†to help edit or just to let me know if I’m on track. The book work and the personal self: feedback is great. I didn’t have a wife to make my meals or wait on me, but I could eat out often and bring in good healthy ready-made food. I used wandering time to explore restaurants and found good meals at low prices. That was as important as getting regular rest and returning phone calls.

Another thing and this was hard: I wanted to be in writing groups knowing that I would be the outsider. I would be the one who didn’t write ideas directly but rather wanted my readers to use their intuition to know, feel¬†emotions. Many can’t Most writing communities better honor intellect, after all we are exploding in technology to make our country better. Right. Intellect and logic. I am more interested in the other kinds of intelligence like what Toni Morrison uses in Home.

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