Memoir as Revenge

What should we do when we want revenge in memoir?

 One thing I would caution you not to write about or do is revenge. It is never okay to write for the public with the motive of revenge. Write your own revenge thoughts in a/your journal for yourself to vent your feelings. Revenge seems to come back to you one way or another: the other will see it and be unnecessarily angry, even justifiably angry, or you’ll move past those feelings and wish you hadn’t published such anger. It’s ok to feel that way as part of your beginning healing process but to write it in first person may hurt you in the long run. And the other.

Write a short story fiction about the incident or short story somewhat fictional tale and send these out for publication. Keep the true facts and people and incident private if the motivation is to hurt someone else. Talk of revenge and readers get scared or find them funny. It’s something we may have thought about but hope we would never do.  Reading it helps us get out our anger at situations we have felt helpless about. Revenge: write story out of it or go to a therapist or put in a journal. Just get it out.

I like the saying that the best revenge is a life well lived! True! And sometimes humor about a terrible time allows us to laugh and see the incident in perspective like when a lover packed all of her furniture for moving. It was he who was moving out! At first she could feel the revenge and sickness in this, later she could laugh at how much nerve he had to do this and was well rid of him.



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