Memoir Coaching

I’m finding that coaching memoir writing is as individual as the story. Some writers over write and the details tend slow the story and make it sag a bit. Others don’t have enough detail and the writing is more telling than showing. It’s better to overwrite and pull back because at least you have the story there.

Reality is in the details and to be┬ábelievable we must live on the page with you. However, the sags are important to remove. So one sag is from the over use of detail and description. The story wants to move on but the author fills us in step-by-step even when it isn’t needed. We get it! Another cause of a weak middle (sag) is telling the story as life is with lots of time for something to happen next. This is when compressing time is important. We don’t have to have all the ins and outs. Tell us that after a year you found yourself….or by spring you had learned….and this happened in the moment. I’ll talk more about compressing time soon.

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