Memoir Services

Why do you need a Memoir Writing Coach? 

A memoir writing coach can help you get organized and keep on track. They can help you by listening to what you are trying to do and help determine theme, form and structure.

Step-by-step. Or, a memoir writing coach can read your completed manuscript and do an overview critique to help you see areas that need strengthening.

A memoir writing coach is a professional writer who can help you with what they have learned over the years so you don’t have to make common mistakes, such as not knowing your audience or not starting in the most compelling place.

A memoir writing coach helps you feel you are not alone doing this large project and that you have someone with whom you can talk, as you come to decision-making stages of your work. Some common concerns that a memoir writing coach can help with are what to take out, how to frame events and how to put that extra depth into the story to make your readers understand your characters and their motivations.


Memoir Services


Getting Your Memoir Started

Memoir Writing Coach: Face-to-Face in San Francisco or Long Distance Feedback As You Start or Before You Finish 2nd Draft


  • help writer clarify theme
  • set up time line and structure according to theme
  • assess manuscript for depth of material and suggest where and how to deepen, if necessary
  • determine author’s voice
  • clarify form best for manuscript content and author’s voice
  • help writer make decisions on table of contents
  • read 2-3 sample chapters (up to thirty pages) to determine scene writing  ability
  • determine strong transitions and chapter endings
  • decide specific genre of memoir for marketing
  • referrals to trusted line editors
  • suggest proposal resources, when ready
  • referral to resources for agents, publishers


 Completed Manuscript Read and Feedback

A memoir writing coach can read completed manuscript and provide feedback.

  • careful reading of your memoir
  • detailed written suggestions to strengthen organization and/or clarify concept
  • phone session to discuss written suggestions
  • phone session to discuss publication options



All manuscript services estimated for manuscripts up to 300 pages. Additional price for longer manuscripts.