Writing Coach

What is the urge to write a book? The idea we can’t get out of our head. This feeling in our heart that a story shared will transcend any pain as the creative form takes shape. The hope of it. It can be the urge of the creative spirit to express itself or a calling to share a story with others as a honorarium to your family or as a witness to your life. Some authors just want to write a good story that sells and to enjoy the time spent in imaginary action and adventure. Entertainment counts! We all need relief from the pressures of the day! Others use story to redefine or enlarge history, adding new heroes or heroines to the culture.

Whatever your own motivation for writing, you will find that completing a manuscript is a great accomplishment. You will be changed for the better. When you write creative nonfiction, poetry, or fiction, you are allowing yourself time to follow your own dream and spend time with your imagination and muse. You give value to the act of focusing internally. When you are with your story subject in a meaningful way, you are in a process of meaning-making, which enriches your life experience.

It’s your story, so tell it.

Perhaps I can help.  I am a published author in three genres, a writing coach and manuscript consultant, and a hypnotherapist with powerful visualization tools. I’ve worked with many authors over the years to help them work through their processes; sometimes moving through a difficult stage; sometimes I provide first-hand knowledge of the publishing industry. Several authors have used creative visualizations  to “see” their next chapter: a mystery writer whose work was plot driven and a novelist needing help with dialogue. Authors sometimes read their new chapters to me as they develop a voice and use my feedback to deepen or to tie loose ends together. I have helped self-help authors brainstorm ideas to make sure there is enough new information for a book, and then, if needed, to expand their topic. Inspirational authors often need help with structure. Other authors need encouragement to persevere. They receive training in using role-play to develop scenes, information about how to deal with agents and publishers, empowerment to lessen their inner critic, and time management skills to focus on their own project in the midst of a busy life, self trust to believe that writing a book is possible for them.

Although my office is in San Francisco, I often work with distant clients using the telephone and email. In our virtual world, wherever you are we are not that far apart.

415-824-2490 San Francisco / 510-594-6036 Berkeley or janellmoon@gmail.com