Your Story

There are many reasons to write your story.

Perhaps you have always wanted to write a story of your life. Or, maybe it just occurred to you that you have an exciting adventure to tell or an event that changed your life in a profound way. Sometimes, it is a realization that has shaken you and leaves you with wisdom to share with others to give them hope. You think of how you have always followed your own path and wonder how you were able to do that and decide to tell us in story. You wanted away from suburbs to the neon lights of the cities and there found the love and the life you had always wished for.  No, you wanted a quieter life in the suburbs or country so you could paint, write or tinker with your inventions in peace while your creativity provided the excitement.

  • How was it better or worse than you thought and what gave you the courage to risk everything for yourself not knowing the ending?
  • What would you do the same or differently?
  • Are you in the middle of something big and want to write to help yourself know what to do and you’re willing to let us listen in?

Remember, a memoir is a story. Its’ a part of your life and it’s the part that will give others a sense of how you found meaning in your life.

People love stories of ordinary people who do something they wish they could do or don’t know about.

  • Readers want to hear different ways of thinking and feeling. They want to hear the voices of people who have not had much of a say: the adult child of mental illness, the transgendered man, a woman with a happy childhood who never caught a break until she realized what she was doing to make things worse.
  • Readers want to share your excitement dreaming that one day they will do something like you did.
  • Perhaps it’s your story that helps them understand the flood that devastated the land you loved or the carnival man who lives only for the day.