Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis)

A close study of the two methods of using the mind to relax are different but they share fundamental similarities of purpose. And both are processes to help the self function better in this fast- paced world of ours. One requires emptying the mind, the other filling the mind. Do whichever is easier for you. No one method is better than the other and both set you free from anxiety.

When I do mindfulness, my goal is to let go and release the busyness of the mind. I want some peace that comes from within and to stop reaction to external forces.

With hypnosis, I have taught myself to do the same thing only with this process, I fill the mind with pictures of what can allow the body to remember pleasant times and peace. Overtime this picture (a picture is worth a thousand words) allows me to begin to relax just remembering it. I call this my special place. Extremely auditory folks can use TM or a sound and get the same result.

With hypnotherapy, I facilitate peacefulness through mindfulness or hypnosis (both are forms of hypnosis) and ask the client to talk to
their body, to relax and listen to the sound of my voice (and what I have been asked to help release), or to find a time when….and to
release those feelings…on and on.

Mindfulness and meditation, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are all used for the highest good of the person. And no, no one will act like a
chicken. That’s staged for entertainment!

Questions on this and how to make a decision of what process to use? Ask me.

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