Professional Help for Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something with which some therapists or counselors are used to dealing. If you want to hire someone to help you, chose someone who shows on their web site that they have a creative process themselves. You can ask a professional if you can come short term, even on sliding scale if that’s your need, to solve a concern. Many therapists or coaches will say that that’s fine or will refer you to someone who does that kind of work. No harm in asking and it could be of great benefit to you for your writing project.

Some writers like to have a coach so they don’t feel so alone. Usually a coach will be paid by the hour which makes it affordable to you. A coach helps as much or as little as you want but tend to give a writer much more of a structure in the every day. Chose a coach who will take the lead from you but is willingly to suggest a schedule and frequency if that’s what you need. The bottom line is that the coach follows what you want to do. Better to have a coach early on in a project because you can stop a problem from becoming chronic.

I worked with a young man who was writing what was to be the first of his mysteries. He ended up staying with St. Martin for years writing mystery after mystery. He was doing what he liked with a part-time day job at a local library.He would come to me for hypnotherapy to relax and write his next chapter in his head. I wouldn’t see him for awhile, then he’d come back with a block or usually with the next chapter. He was linear enough to want to know which “which way the horse was going.”

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