Relationship With Adult Children

Lately I’ve been thinking about our relationship with our adult children and what new challenges we mothers have if our children feel safe enough to tell us what was difficult about our mothering. We may know our children need to separate from us and use the teen years or young adulthood to step into adulthood as a man or woman. And we may know that they do this, not necessarily by distance, but by speaking freely to us about our relationship with them. Often, it’s how to speak to them as adults or accept their adult behavior different from our expectations. Often too they need to tell us what we did/are doing that feels wrong and hurtful.

I’ll talk about this process in the next blogs. It’s a difficult process for moms and for the adult children and there’s no timeline for this: often in teen years separation starts and  can end any time the child feels safe enough to tell us what they need to and can safe enough to ask for new behavior. It takes a grown up mom who successful separated from her mom.

I would love to see this process written about in a memoir with all its ins and out. More later.


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