Starting to Outline

I am quite right-brained and so it’s hard for me to outline my writing. I can do it best by talking to someone and then following the dots of our conversation. Luckily, I like to conclude or finish things once they are started so I’ll keep working until I have enough to feel like I know “which way the horse is going.” What I have noticed is that more left-brained writers outline easily and yet, sometimes, have a harder time making ¬†their text sing with strong verbs, metaphors and poetic writing. Or compelling writing! The brain can spell out ideas but we also need examples that give a zing to what you are writing about. If you are talking about visual art you might start saying, “I laid out the colors and began to mix the palette” or instead, you might say, “I laid turquoise, kelly green and cobalt blue on the palette and with a touch of white I saw that the world ¬†could be covered in a blanket of cloudy snow’

We need the mind (left) and creativity (together). We are combinations of both although one is usually stronger than another. We lean to our strengths and are careful to include our weaknesses to make balance. Ah, writing, as in life. Balance.

By the way, a right-brained person can often do a great outline with a left-brained writer. This combination of reality and creativity, again, makes balance.

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