Loose Endings in Memoir

In life we often have loose ends in our story. Nothing is really resolved. Things go on anyway. People come in and out of our life and we don’t do much to hold them because we are distracted or don’t care that much. Events come and go and we mean to participate again but we have a knee injury or time goes by too quickly to do it again. So much is started and drifts away. Much is said but not done. We are busy and let things be. We follow up on thoughts and ideas and sometimes, we don’t. In more recent  fiction this is shown and called an open endings toan event, thought, idea. We don’t know what happened to that person and what changed her mind. Continue reading “Loose Endings in Memoir” »

Memoir Coaching

I’m finding that coaching memoir writing is as individual as the story. Some writers over write and the details tend slow the story and make it sag a bit. Others don’t have enough detail and the writing is more telling than showing. It’s better to overwrite and pull back because at least you have the story there. Continue reading “Memoir Coaching” »