Element of fiction for memoir writing: The

Your reader is reading your book because the title draws them in. You provide your reader with a powerful emotional experience and great facts as the story develops. If you’re writing a romance, you must create in your reader the illusion that she is falling in love herself. If you’re writing a thriller, you must create in your reader the illusion that he is in mortal danger and has only the tiniest chance of saving his life (and all of humanity). If you’re writing a fantasy, you must create in your reader the illusion that she is actually in another world where all is different and wonderful and magical. Continue reading “Element of fiction for memoir writing: The” »

Deciding If to Edit Memoir

A memoir just came across my desk that has an interesting discussion of gender. The s/he or girl as boy et al.  I found it interesting. Really wonderful poetic language. S/he, an author with a book for a prize I once judged so she has a good, beginning platform. In the end, I didn’t feel it had substance enough and couldn’t decide why since I so much liked what she was exploring. Continue reading “Deciding If to Edit Memoir” »

Ishmeal Reed

Quite a treat to hear Ishmeal Reed read his poetry at Radar Readings in San Francisco and a section from his latest novel. He is quite a political man and holds his eighty-some years with dignity. He is learning to play a french horn in order to play in a jazz group. Says he has stories to tell and keeps changing genre and disciplines to do so: poetry, prose, memoir, now music. He seems to weather the different stage of life using creativity to keep him updated and real. Continue reading “Ishmeal Reed” »