How to Motivate to Write and Keep Writing

This post continues from the one before. I have to say that there are times I have been too busy to write with a child or my day job, family or social plans. Sometimes all my time goes into the business side of queries, proposals, agents, editor like the last book that was published, Stirring the Waters. We spent months on the unusual editing. It had to be read aloud to hear the music and if the beat was correct. In the no writing times, I consider it a break from the essential part that I love in order to balance my life with other things that call. Continue reading “How to Motivate to Write and Keep Writing” »

How Do You Come to the Memoir?

How you come to the memoir is much like how you come to the world. In my experience of working with many varied people (and voices), I notice that a person very much in her/his body will come to the memoir with a great plot and facts and details. It’s a natural for those who feel practical and grounded. Someone who is more intuitive than sensate (body-based) will come to the memoir with a story that may involve hunches, feelings, coincidences, and perhaps write in a more magic realism style than the sensate person. Continue reading “How Do You Come to the Memoir?” »