Deciding If to Edit Memoir

A memoir just came across my desk that has an interesting discussion of gender. The s/he or girl as boy et al.  I found it interesting. Really wonderful poetic language. S/he, an author with a book for a prize I once judged so she has a good, beginning platform. In the end, I didn’t feel it had substance enough and couldn’t decide why since I so much liked what she was exploring. Continue reading “Deciding If to Edit Memoir” »

Ishmeal Reed

Quite a treat to hear Ishmeal Reed read his poetry at Radar Readings in San Francisco and a section from his latest novel. He is quite a political man and holds his eighty-some years with dignity. He is learning to play a french horn in order to play in a jazz group. Says he has stories to tell and keeps changing genre and disciplines to do so: poetry, prose, memoir, now music. He seems to weather the different stage of life using creativity to keep him updated and real. Continue reading “Ishmeal Reed” »