My name is Leslie Raddatz, author of Flashbacks in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Surviving the Flood.  Janell and I met on Twitter. I hired her to read my story and to help balance the trauma with the happy moments in my life. She had 12 of her own nonfiction books published and she knew  publishing secrets and she shared good information with me.


She taught me how to set up scenes and different writing techniques.  She understood my subject because she is a counselor that has experience working with patients with PTSD.  She was very patient with me and we had alot of fun during the entire process. There was a lot of writing and rewriting but it was all worth it.


My book was published on createspace.com on July 6, 2012 and already I have sold over 1,600 copies of my book and am waiting to see what the extended distribution number are in about 60 days.

On Amazon I have ranked: – August 21-23-2012

#1 Best Seller Category Mental Health
#1- Best Seller Category Mood Disorder


In my writing group, I’d received many compliments, but few insights to propel me forward.  I began to feel doubtful and stuck.  My husband encouraged me to find a coach to help me get ‘off the dime’ with my writing.  A coach wants you to succeed, he said, and will tell you the truth.


Then I found Janell Moon.


Janell reviews my work with an artist’s sensibilities and a surgeon’s scalpel.  She knows story, character and structure.  She is quick to get to the heart of a story and knows how to draw out the essential and carve away the superfluous.


Janell’s guidance continues to be invaluable to me as I complete my memoir.  She inspires confidence and instigates progress.


Carolyn Plath


I had been trying to write my memoir for years when I hired Janell ( by the hour) to talk to me and help me become clear on my intent.  It was like magic how the rest of it fell in place. I thought I knew where I was going with my adventure but once I knew the story was really about connection and cooperation, the event became less important and the people began to shine. I am on my second draft and am confident that I wrote the story I meant to write and feel proud just to have experienced the Olympics and to have written the book.  Janell really helped me develop the characters in a way I wouldn’t have without her special knack of questioning.

Sally S., Travels on the Uphill Road



Janell Moon gave me the structure to complete a book I have been thinking about for years. I first met her in 2002 at a mutual publisher’s dinner they had for us and I told her what I was thinking of writing. She liked the idea and we got together as authors and talked about our ideas. She wrote and HarperCollinsUK published  How to Pray Without Being Religious and I never got mine off the ground. I contacted her again when I heard she was doing coaching and we have thoroughly discussed my ideas and I have a thorough outline to write from. She calls it the bones and I’m doing the flesh. I will show her my work now chapter by chapter as I tend to get too vague in my writing and it’s a hard subject to write about.


San Francisco author, Name Withheld

I’ve had the great good fortune to have Janell in my life whenever I’ve needed help in navigating the vagaries of the publishing world, or just wanted to discuss the ups and downs of the creative process. She always comes up with solutions that surprise me; she has an elegant, clear way of seeing through problems, always underlaid with kindness. Whether she’s telling me how she structures her writing day or giving me a better perspective on the publishing world, I feel I’m tapping into a rich resource when we get together to talk about writing.

Donna Gillespie, author of The Light Bearer and Lady of the Light