Trust in the Way You Write: Your Style, Your Organization, Your Schedule

Writers like Toni Morrison or very poetic writers are interested in where “the golden thread is going.” It wouldn’t be fun to write if they knew everything they wanted to say. They write from a creative place and then review and take out digressions. This way of nonlinear writing is a flow from the subconscious and only certain personality types can work this way.

This kind of flowing writer needs help to stay on track and trust in their right brain function. In the United States, we have a left brain culture of goals and time lines of what comes first, second, third. It’s sometimes hard to believe in your way which is different. As we mature, we tend to be able to use both parts of our brain better and can do goals and light schedules and work from the creative part of our brain too.

Left brain writers tend to write mysteries and action filled stories. They are often the writers of nonfiction which brings new information into the world. They need the structure a writer’s workshop might give which may ask you to bring in a chapter a week to read. Many people go to a larger writing group for awhile and then chose two or three writers to form their own peer group. These are the groups that have time for you to read a chapter. You will still need a professional editor if you decide to publish but the group can be invaluable in giving your honest feedback and motivation. (More about writing conferences later.)

Notice the way you work and choose it. Make it a good way to work instead of trying to change it. We all have ingrained ways of being in the world and writing. So make it work and get that memoir going and finish it!

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