Visaul Art As Poetry

I have talked before about how all the arts feed into an artist’s sensibility. I went to the play RED at the Berkeley Rep which was a two man show of Mark Rothko and his assistant. Rothko had an interest and talents in music, writing, philosopher and was, of course, one of the leading artists of Abstract Expressionist. In his large works of color blocks he wanted to show an absolute, uncompromising purity. His signature works were large single colored rectangles over a hovering ground. Even in the years of poverty he had a piano or other instruments and a record player so he could play Bach. He wrote a book and essays on art and was an arresting thinker. However, he used the arts to “feed” his paintings and finally gained recognition as did his friends Jackson Pollack or Andy Warhol. Rothko’s last work showed the complex emotional truths of isolation and connection.

How to tie to counseling? It is better for us to search for connection. Isolation can come on it’s own. Better to have have times of solitude chosen for ourselves or accepted and then connection to others built in. To be an artist in any field calls for long times alone.

However, we must learn to seek out others who want friendship and can add to our aliveness. It might seem we want others in the arts for friend and groups where art is discussed. That is true, in some measure. I have learned though that it is others who have their own sense of aliveness that will make up feel alive. We can share our aliveness back. All we can is share aliveness and connect in that energy! So, there’s no special field to find that in. We look for the energy of excitement, interest, humor and grow. We are filled with each others’ energy and go back into our solitude to create.



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