We Are All Creative

Creativity does not belong to artists and writers and those who are well-known. Creativity belongs to all of us and we actually use creativity to get along in daily life. Some call this “every day creativity.” An good example of this is when you come to a place in the trail in the woods that is muddy. Do you go through the mud or find another way to get around the mud? Or in the car, a detour. We find another way.

Working with clients to write their first book or to find the motivation to try their creative dream, I find that there are many kinds of creative qualities that are used in a variety of projects. Some folks are detailed and observant and draw well while another may be spontaneous and expressive in large bold strokes, whether in writing or painting. Some like bold shapes and color in sculpture in public places and have the personality to carry it off. Others enjoy the “jewel”, the tiny expression of jewelry or a small piece of art, a poem.

We are all different in our creativity. There is no one genre of writing or kind of visual art better than another. Just find what suits you best. Also, some people have easier access to their subconscious and seem to gravitate to poetry and memoir and journaling. Others enjoy structure and plotting more and can write a great action novel.

The important thing is to try different processes and see what fits you as a person. If you are a feeling person, a creative outlet will help you regulate your feelings for yourself and in your relationships. If you tend to be cautious, creativity will help you play and even do some risk-taking. It may actually make you feel alive and flexible.

Let me know if you have found things out about your creativity just by trying something new? Did you have to try several things before you found something right and fun for you?


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