What is a Good Writing Schedule?

It’s always good to keep up a regular momentum. I don’t write at the same time every day but I know I will write in the morning. Sometimes I start at nine and other times at eleven. I know I’ll write in the morning until lunch, even a late lunch. That’s when I write best. Midday, I start to feel isolated if I haven’t been out. I use that time to swim, see a friend, take a walk, do errands and keep up with family up with matters. If I write too late at night I become too stimulated and can’t sleep so  I don’t write past eight pm. That is my rest time, my cut off time. I need some relaxation before bed and like to watch a documentary, movie or read.

I read The New Yorker and the San Francisco Chronicle every day and usually have a fiction and nonfiction book going. I like the stimulation of each and the relaxation too. I do this early morning and it helps me get out of myself and keeps my interest in the external world. Writing a lot makes me feel very internal which I like but I do want to be part of my time too.

Sometimes it feels as if I am too self absorbed when I am living my life and writing memoir pieces. To help with these times, I do something with a friend or on my own that will get my attention away from myself: exercise, a Pinter play to share and discuss with aa friend, a writing group.

Try by experimenting when you can best write given your responsibilities. Some time can always be carved out. Be careful waking up at night to write. Insomniacs often tell me this is how their lack of sleep started. Write the first hour of the day or the last, whatever works, and remember a page a day is a memoir!

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