Humanistic Counselor, Memoir Coach, and Printed Books and E-books

Humanistic Counselor with skills for reducing anxiety and stress in everyday living.  I am experienced in working with any anxiety issue including panic attacks, setting boundaries, keeping self focus, ability to speak up and improving communication skills.  I use various approaches including feedback, hypnotherapy, hypnosis, role playing, mindful techniques, the enneagram and Myers-Briggs information of personality, relationship therapy, bilateral tapping for trauma release using the “tapping in” methods, positive visualizations and 12 Step wisdom. I work one-on-one in my office or by phone with individuals and couples in my office.


Anxiety Reduction

Personally designed sessions for individual needs.

  • Handle stress well
  • Anxiety habits / nail biting / hair pulling to freedom from compulsion
  • Panic Attacks
  • Help not taking things personally
  • Think Before Speak
  • Expressing Self but Staying Calm when Angry
  • Sleep problems, falling to sleep, staying asleep, deep sleep
  • Keeping problems in perspective
  • Smoking habit to permanent nonsmoking
  • Emotional eating to healthy lifestyle
  • Negative thinking to habits happy people learn and use
  • Low self-esteem to confidence
  • Strengthening belief in deserving good life


What A Time Of Change

When change is thrust your way, it’s important to have some tools to help yourself – job transition, job management, relationship loss, and/or family changes.

If you understand that willpower and determination are well-intended but may not be enough – perhaps some unexpected event or your own self-defeating behavior are in your way for healthy change. If so, you may be ready to receive new information and new tools to get yourself on the right track again.

Below are some issues with which I have successfully worked in the 24 years in my office

§  Use uncertainty in your favor

§  Face change with anticipation

§  Restless sleep to deep sleep

§  Worry to bright outlook

§  Negative thinking to habits happy people learn and use

§  Low self-esteem to confidence in face of change

§  Old habits to new tools successful people use


Memoir Coach

Memoir Coach offers guidance and encouragement to write the story you were meant to write. Because I am a counselor, I know how to approach you in an accepting manner while improving the work. Whether it’s been an important year, event, adventure or an unusual life, memoir authors will learn more about themselves, as they write, and others will learn from their experience. Many authors need help with shaping a memoir and want an overview reading of their memoir. Clients mention that because I am a counselor and memoir editor, I help them find the depth they need to make the story universal. You can bring any issue or level of writing experience. Mental health subjects are welcome, as are other difficult or joyous experiences.  


Published Author and E-books of memoir, inspirational, self-help and poetry books from major publishers available on website or local bookstores. One of my books is Stirring the Waters: Writing to Find Your Spirit published by Charles E. Tuttle, publisher of spiritual and Buddhist books. Stirring the Waters was named one of the five best spiritual books of the year. My last book, written in journal style, Salt and Paper: 65 Candles, is a memoir that won the RAW ArT PRESS Experimental Prize in 2011.


More Information

§  Long-term counselor in private practice

§  College of Marin instructor, San Francisco City College instructor

§  MA in Humanistic Counseling and Creative Writing

§  San Francisco office, directed phone consultation and/or online consultations and appointments

§  Standard hourly fee, pay as you go with Pay Pal

§  Manuscript help through all stages of writing from beginning to completion


Blog explores self awareness, memoir writing and techniques.